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Genetics is simple
Our DNA Test is the proof

Check out know what your genetics says about you. 24Genetics DNA tests reveal information about your genetics: origins, health, nutrition, and much more.
It doesn’t matter in which country you live. We send our kit to your home and take care of everything. It’s as simple as using our saliva DNA kit.​

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24Genetics is a leading DNA testing company, with thousands of customers in more than 100 countries. The laboratory work and all algorithmic processing of 24Genetics is done in Europe and of course, under European law.. We take privacy to the extreme, even beyond what European regulations require. At 24Genetics we do not trade our customers’ data. Most of the big companies in the industry make profits by selling their clients’ genetic data, we do not.

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24Genetics is the company with the largest variety of DNA tests in the world. With just one DNA kit you can get our 7 reports: ancestry, health, nutrigenetics, skin care, talent and personality, sports and pharmacogenetics.
But you can also buy a single DNA test online today and later order any other report, you won’t have to send in another saliva sample: with the information we already have about you we can perform the rest of the DNA studies. And this is just the beginning. We will be able to offer you more useful information.

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Just compare the number of sections. Other tests can only see your ancestry in a few regions, we do it in thousands. Others show you a handful of traits related to sports, nutrition or skin, we offer you complete reports with hundreds of sections, so you know everything about your genetics. But that’s not all: our algorithms are much more advanced and we are two years ahead of any DNA test on the market. Our DNA tests and genetic reports have all the information possible about your genes.

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How genetics influences your day-to-day life?

A number of studies have shown the influence of genetics on the human body and the way it acts, whether in terms of health, nutrition, playing sports or developing one personality or another, genes have a lot to say. Discover with a study of your DNA the genetic predisposition to diseases, how to improve your sports performance or what diet will be better to lose weight. With our genetic analysis through DNA testing you will know the genetic and hereditary factors that can define you.

What does the 24Genetics DNA kit include?

So that you can obtain the sample yourself, the DNA kit includes:

  • Saliva collector
  • Latex gloves
  • Instructions
  • Shipping bag
  • Form to register your kit

With a few simple steps indicated in the instructions you will be able to obtain the sample, send it to our laboratories, and we will proceed to perform the DNA study to obtain your genetic report.

DNA testing at home 24Genetics

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Have you thought about distributing genetic tests?

Help your patients or clients enjoy their best health and well-being and make it part of your business.

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Do you already have a genetic test from another company?

If you have already taken a genetic test from another company, we can use the raw data from your genetic map to create your 24Genetics reports: ancestry, sports, nutrigenetics, skincare, etc. Order your reports now and get the most out of your genetic information.

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