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The most comprehensive genetic tests on the market: 24Genetics








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Why 24Genetics?

24Genetics: Europe's leading ancestry, health and wellness genetic testing company.

With thousands of clients in more than 100 countries, 24Genetics is one of the most relevant companies in the sector. We perform all laboratory work and algorithmic processing in Europe. We do so under the strictest European regulations. 24Genetics is formed by an international team of proven scientific prestige, and our tests are recognised by the NCBI. The NCBI is the world’s leading genetics organisation. We ship our tests anywhere in the world. Moreover, they are available in several languages.

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The most comprehensive genetic test on the market: the 24Genetics tests.

Just compare the number of sections and the level of detail in each of our tests. For example, our Ancestry test is able to show your DNA percentage in thousands of regions. However, many other tests available on the market do not even reach 100. We not only tell you from which country your ancestors come from. But also from which autonomous community and even which province, in some cases. Our Health test has several hundred sections, compared to less than 100 in the leading US test. And, while other tests have only a dozen or so sections related to nutrition, skin or sport, we give you complete reports with hundreds of sections. In short, if you compare us with the other tests available on the market, you will confirm that the 24Genetics tests are, without a doubt, the most complete.

24Genetics algorithms provide higher quality information

At 24Genetics, we know that there are two ways to calculate genetic predispositions. So when we want to calculate your predisposition to, for example, vitamin D, we can do it from two approaches:

– As most of the companies in the market do. They use a single genetic study to obtain results for the whole population without taking into account whether the study is valid only for men or only for women. or if it is only applicable for the European or Asian population. This system is easier to apply, but it is also clearly improvable.

– As we do at 24Genetics. By creating a complex algorithm that first identifies your gender and ancestry. From there, we exclusively apply the studies that are suitable for your profile, for example, European females. From this point on, we could apply only one study. However, our tests combine a multitude of scientifically validated publications for their quality and consensus. This allows us to apply all available scientific knowledge to the calculation of your genetic predispositions.

We can say that our technology is two years ahead of all other genetic tests on the market.

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One DNA test, 7 reports

We are the direct-to-consumer DNA testing company with the largest product portfolio in the world. With just one kit, you have it all. You can order your pack today with our 7 reports: Health, Pharmacogenetics, Nutrigenetics, Sports, Skin Care, Personality, and Ancestry. Or you can also buy a single report now, and the day you need it, you can order any other report from our wide range, and it won’t be necessary to send you a new kit.

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The best technology: Illumina and only Illumina

You can do cheap genetic tests, or you can do quality ones. We have opted for quality. Our genetic test is 100% based on Illumina technology. Illumina is the most prestigious sequencing company on the market. On Illumina machines, with Illumina chips and in a European laboratory. We aim to guarantee the highest quality.

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Privacy and more privacy

We take your privacy to the extreme. We go far beyond what European laws require of us. From the moment you take the test, your sample becomes an anonymous code. Not even your report will carry your full name.

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At 24Genetics, we do not sell your genetic data.

Most of the big companies in the industry make a profit by selling your genetic information. Offering you a cheap test and then selling your DNA data is a common practice. Especially in non-European companies. Do not decide solely based on a low price. Be aware of what may be behind it. Inform yourself before choosing the company that will test your genes.

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