All in One Plus Pack


A DNA and Microbiota test that includes all of our complete reports.

Includes all our complete reports:

  • Ancestry
  • Health
  • Nutrigenetics
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Sports
  • Skincare
  • Talent
  • Microbiota

* Pharmacogenetics, not available in the US.

Special discounts depending on the number of units you buy.

Units Price/unit
1 399,00
2 389,00
3+ 379,00

If you want to know what your genes and microbiota say about you, you can purchase ALL our reports at an incredible discount. Thanks to the All in One Plus Pack, our most complete test, you can discover all the information your body has about you.

Know the origins and origin of your ancestors or your predisposition to certain diseases. With the 24Genetics All in One Plus pack, you can also learn how to correctly configure a diet that is most effective for your body or which drugs do not have the desired effect. You can also learn about your athletic performance according to your genetics, your skincare needs, or what your genes say about your talent and personality. And in addition, your microbiota offers information about your oral health and other pathologies.

The most complete analysis, in a pack with 8 reports.

What will I receive with the All in One Plus Pack?

With the 24Genetics genetic and microbiota tests, you can easily take the sample yourself at home. Just follow the instructions to deposit a small amount of saliva in the collector and send the sample to us. In our DNA genotyping and microbiota analysis laboratories, we will extract the information from your sample and apply the algorithm we have developed, based on thousands of studies. We will obtain your personalized reports (ancestry, health, nutrigenetics, pharmacogenetics, sports, personality, skin care and microbiota), based on your DNA and your oral microbiota.

With this genetic and microbiota analysis you will be able to know yourself and adapt your lifestyle to your predispositions. It is important to know that this test has no clinical value, so before making any drastic decisions, we recommend that you consult your family doctor.


What information will I learn with this genetic and microbiota analysis?

24Genetics has developed the All in One Plus test, where through 8 reports you receive all the information about your organism.


DNA contains a lot of information about the places to which our ancestors can be related, up to 700 to 900 years on average. Get to know your origins with the ancestry report in the All in One test.


The influence of genetics on health is evident. The genes we inherit can be decisive in the development of certain diseases. Discover your genetic predisposition to hundreds of diseases with your genetic information.


Diet does not affect all human beings in the same way, and genetics is one of the factors that condition this. Through a complete test, you will be able to discover, among other things, what type of diet can best suit your needs, whether to improve health or weight loss.

Talent and Personality

Numerous studies affirm that personality is strongly linked to genetic inheritance. Although it is a changing aspect over the years, with a complete genetic analysis from 24Genetics you can learn how your DNA influences your talent and personality.


The way drugs affect your body can be influenced by your genes. Find out which drugs are most effective with a complete genetic analysis.


Whether you are a professional athlete or you like to do sports in your free time, the 24Genetics All in One test offers you a genetic report on your sports performance, so that you can carry out your training and exercises in the most effective way.


Do you know your skin’s needs? The genetic factor has a significant influence on the type of skin you have, as well as the care it needs. Find out what your DNA says about the best way to care for your skin with the 24Genetics All in One test.


The mouth is by far the part of the body most exposed to pathogens and changes. The oral microbiota is the set of bacteria that live in our mouth and can give us a lot of information about our oral health and other pathologies.

Check out our sample reports.


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What’s included in the package:

  • Saliva collector
  • Latex gloves
  • Instructions
  • Shipping bag
  • Form to register your kit.
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The genetic information provided by 24Genetics is valid only for research, information and educational purposes. In no case is it valid for clinical or diagnostic use.

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