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Attention! DNA sequencing is not included in this product. Choose this product only if you have already been sequenced with other company and have your own raw data file

Get with Ancestrum, the most comprehensive ancestry test on the market. Our ancestry test alone consists of seven different products: Geographic Ancestry, Ethnic Ancestry, Historic Ancestry, Maternal Haplogroup, Paternal Haplogroup, Neanderthal DNA and Celebrity DNA Matching. Discover it now!

*  Your specific Ancestrum report will depend on the data included in your RAW DATA file. Delivery time is approximately one week.

Where is my sample code?
Your sample code is at the top right of your 24Genetics report.

You can also send your RAW DATA file at a later date to

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Ancestrum is the first genetic ancestry test that consists of seven different products... so that you can have the origin of your DNA as clear as possible. Know your origins through:

  • Geographic Ancestry: It allows you to determine what are the origins of your ancestors in a current geographical context.
  • Ethnic ancestry: Allows you to define to which ethnic groups in the world your genetic information is most likely to belong.
  • Historic Ancestry: You will be able to know the most probable origins of your ancestors in each period of history, from hunter-gatherers more than 10,000 years ago to the last centuries of the Contemporary Age.
  • Maternal DNA: Mitochondrial haplogroups consist of a series of mutations that have taken place throughout the history of human populations in the mitochondrial DNA.
  • Paternal DNA: Y chromosome haplogroups consist of a set of mutations that have been originating in this chromosome since the origin of Homo sapiens in Africa.
  • Neanderthal DNA: Your DNA is compared with that of various Neanderthal samples obtained from archaeological sites.
  • Celebrity DNA Matching: You can find out which famous people from history are most likely to share similarities with your haplogroups, and therefore belong to the same paternal or maternal lineage.
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