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Ancestry DNA Report for 24Genetics clients


Discover the origins of your ancestors

More and more people are wondering about their ancestral origins. Our Deep Ancestry technology, which compares your genetic information against an extensive DNA database with markers from countless locations worldwide, allows you to satisfy your curiosity. We provide you, with a simple saliva sample, with genealogical information from 700 to 900 years ago on average and in great detail by country, region, and even province in multiple areas.

What you’ll discover:

  • Detailed Geographic Ancestry
  • Historical Ancestry
  • Ethnic Ancestry
  • Maternal Haplogroup
  • Paternal Haplogroup
  • Neanderthal DNA

Where is my sample code?
Your sample code is at the top right of your 24Genetics report.

You can also send your RAW DATA file at a later date to info@24genetics.com

More than 1,500 Regions: the world’s most comprehensive DNA Ancestry Test.

This report is based on a test with 700,000 DNA markers from your saliva cells. It uses autosomal DNA, so we get genealogical information from both the paternal and maternal lines of ancestry. We can see information from ancestors hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The average time frame is about 700 years ago (between 20 and 30 generations).

Ancestry report sample

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