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Ancestría geográfica.

Geographic ancestry

Genetic inheritance is like a fabric that unites generations and continents. Every human being carries in his or her DNA a history that transcends time and geographic barriers. At 24Genetics, we understand this complexity and work with the most advanced technology to decipher this intricate and fascinating puzzle that is the genetic history of each individual.

The Geographic Ancestry tool is a clear testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. The ability to identify the geographic provenance of our ancestors is not only a matter of curiosity, but also has profound implications for understanding who we are, where we come from, and how population migrations and admixtures over the centuries have shaped our genetic identity today.

Through the evaluation of autosomal DNA, the complex networks of ancestry that converge in a person can be traced and deciphered. This type of DNA is not specific to the X or Y chromosome, so it encompasses information inherited from both parents and provides a more complete picture of the genealogical past. It is a kind of genetic melting pot that has been formed and refined over generations.

The decision to focus on a temporal average of 800 years and exclude the last 250-300 years is not arbitrary. This choice is based on the premise that by moving away from more recent events, a clearer and more accurate picture can be obtained of the migration and settlement patterns that have left their mark on the human genome.

Ultimately, the 24Genetics service not only provides information, but also allows people to connect with their past in a meaningful way, putting into context their place in the broad tapestry of human history. With this analysis, one not only discovers one’s origin, but also gains a deep appreciation of the rich diversity and intertwining that constitute our species.

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