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Debora Pino García


Debora Pino García, obtained her degree in Biochemistry issued by the Complutense University of Madrid. Since her graduation, she has actively continued her studies. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Bioinformatics at the European University. In parallel, Debora is an asset in the area of development and research at 24Genetics; one of the largest genetics companies in Europe. In addition to her studies, she has completed several courses on neuroscience, bioinformatics and genomic and/or transcriptomic data analysis.


  • Biochemistry
  • Neuroscience
  • Bioinformatics



European University



Complutense University of Madrid

Degree in Biochemistry



Fundamentals of Neuroscience. Neurons and networks - HarvardX

Fundamentals of Neuroscience. The brain - HarvardX

Fundamentals of Neuroscience. The electrical properties of the neuron - HarvardX

Bioinformatics Teaching Conference - University of Granada:

An overview of machine learning workflow for biological applications.
Learn R for RNA expression analysis.
Introduction to the application of regression techniques in R.

Motion sickness and its relation to genetics

Do you often get motion sickness when traveling in any mode of transportation? If the answer is yes, it is possible that you suffer from kinetosis, a disorder also known by other names such as travel sickness or sea sickness. If this is your case or you know someone...

What is a nutrigenetic study for?

Nutrigenetics is defined as the science that studies the effect that our genes have on the response to various dietary components. Therefore, a nutrigenetic study will allow us to adapt the food we eat to our needs. The fundamental hypotheses on which the science of...

Personality test: does genetics influence talent?

Humanity has always sought to understand its behavior, to explain its personality. Religions or other moral-ethical belief systems have established paradigms throughout history, which can explain certain behavioral traits of certain societies and in certain contexts,...

Health and Personalized Medicine

What do we mean by personalized and precision medicine?   Precision medicine is an emerging approach to disease treatment and prevention that considers the variability between people, both genetically and in the individual's environment and lifestyle. This...

Genetic Inheritance and Ancestry

Our blog always tries to be informative and approachable, and we write it with the aim of making it simple and understandable for any reader. On this occasion, we have allowed ourselves to be a little more technical in order to explain certain fundamentals of genetic...

Effects of the sun on your skin

Effects of the sun on the skin The exposure of our skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, and the absorption of this ultraviolet energy, causes changes in our body's chemical, hormonal and neuronal signals, which have subsequent effects on immune cells and...

Mental health

What is mental health? Mental health is so broad and encompasses so many factors and areas of study that it is difficult to give a brief, clear and concise definition. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, "mental health is a state of well-being...

Genetics and breast cancer

Within the world of oncology, breast cancer is perhaps one of the best-known cancers, possibly because it is the most diagnosed cancer in the world (1). Population ageing, one of the main consequences of the welfare society, or the greater prevalence of risk factors...

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