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Noelia Rojo Lobo


Noelia Rojo Lobo is a Biotechnology professional. She obtained her degree from CEU San Pablo University with distinguished marks. Since then, she has continued her education expanding her knowledge in different sectors of the biotechnology market, and in particular, in genetics.

After rotating through various sectors, she has focused on the BTB sales area, participating in the creation of the partner program and managing medium and large accounts.

Additionally, she completed a specialization in Digital Marketing at ThePower Business School to broaden her training relevant to the business world that interested her since she started her working life.

Thanks to her broad profile, Noelia is currently an asset in the Sales and Marketing area at 24Genetics, one of the leading Genetics companies in Europe. 



  • Biotechnology
  • BTB Sales (Account Management)
  • Partner Program Development
  • Marketing




The power of MBA Business School

Future Leaders, Business



CEU San Pablo University

Degree in Biotechnology



Business Model Design and Innovation

Tecnológico de Monterrey - May 2021

How to do a DNA test at home?

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Every part of your body has a direct relationship with your genes. One of them is the skin, an organ that needs to be nourished and cared for. In our skin lives a whole set of bacteria in harmony (1), thanks to which this organ acquires different properties and works...

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The most advanced countries in healthcare, which lead the rest, prevention is vital. You no longer go to the doctor to cure diseases; you go to prevent them. And in that, genetic information is paramount. Your genetic information is unique and therefore, different...

24Genetics quality of the genetic test

24Genetics considers the essential aspect of our activity is the quality of the service we offer to our clients, which, about the tests, is based on the way we collect the samples, their sequencing and the "intelligence" used in the interpretation of the genetic...

The 24Genetics Tests

In the face of the variety of existing genetic tests, it is understandable that you feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you are a very active person who devotes a good part of your free time to sport, but you may also be interested in finding out about the origins of your...

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