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Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

From the color of our eyes to our predispositions to certain diseases, our genes significantly influence our lives. Thanks to technological advances and industry-leading companies like 24Genetics, personalized genetics is now more accessible than ever. 


What is a Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test? 

A Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test (DTCGT) is a type of genetic test offered directly to consumers, without the need for the intervention of a health professional or physician, and performed in the comfort of their own home. By means of a saliva test, these tests allow people to obtain information about their genetic predisposition to certain pathologies or diseases, their ancestry and other aspects related to their genome. 


DNA Health Test Results

What types of genetic testing are there? 

The most popular genetic test, and certainly the one that arouses the most curiosity, is the ancestry test. However, we cannot underestimate the immense amount of information that can be obtained from a simple saliva sample. Beyond satisfying a mere curiosity, genetic tests could prove to be decisive in preventing pathologies and potentially improving our quality of life. Among the various DNA tests available, we find: 

Genetic Health Test 

This test provides detailed insight into your genetic susceptibility to over 200 diseases, an invaluable tool for proactive health management. 

Nutrigenetic Test

A nutritional genetic test reveals how your genetics affect your metabolism and nutrition, providing valuable information to consider when designing a personalized dietary plan. 

Sports Test 

This analysis provides you with insight into your sporting potential, helping you to personalize your training guidelines. 

Ancestry genetic testing

Unravel your genetic heritage and discover your ancestral lineage with this detailed genetic test.a. 

DNA personality test 

The genetic personality test helps you understand your innate abilities and guides you to maximize your potential. 

Pharmacogenetic Test 

This test identifies how your body metabolizes certain medications, helping you find the safest and most effective treatments for you. 

Piel test 

Discover how your genes affect the health and appearance of your skin and receive personalized information to optimize your skin care routine. 

Test Geneticos DTC

Genetic Testing Techniques

There are several techniques used in genetic testing to analyze DNA and obtain genetic information about an individual. Some of the most common techniques used in genetic testing are:


Genotyping is a technique that identifies specific variations in an individual’s genome. It is less expensive than other methods and is often used in direct-to-consumer genetic testing. 

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

NGS is a high-throughput DNA sequencing technique that can simultaneously analyze large segments of the genome. It is especially useful in diagnostic genetic testing. 


How to choose the right genetic test for you?

Choosing a suitable genetic test can seem like a daunting task given the immense variety of options available on the market. Here are some key factors to consider before purchasing a genetic test: 

  • What information do you want to obtain: Your personal goals play a crucial role in choosing a genetic test. Whether you are looking to discover more about your health, your ancestral lineage or the genetic characteristics of your skin, for example, your goal will determine which test is right for you. 
  • Personal background: Your personal context will also influence your choice of test. For example, if you have a family history of a genetic disease, it may be beneficial to select a test that specifically identifies genes associated with that disease. 
  • Budget: The variability in the cost of genetic testing can be considerable. Therefore, it is crucial to select a test that fits your budget without compromising the quality and accuracy of the results. 
Test Genéticos Directos al Consumidor

Why choose 24Genetics genetic testing? 

Leadership and global presence: 24Genetics, a leading European genetic testing company, operates in more than 100 countries and performs all laboratory work and algorithmic processing in Europe under strict European regulations. 

Scientific recognition: We have an international team of scientific prestige and our tests are recognized by the NCBI, the most important genetics organization in the world. 

  1. Most comprehensive tests: We offer the most comprehensive genetic tests on the market, capable of providing detailed and specific reports on your ancestry, health and well-being.
  2. High quality algorithms: We use complex algorithms to identify your genetic predispositions based on your sex and ancestry, using a multitude of scientifically validated publications. 
  3. Variety of reports: 24Genetics offers 7 reports in a single DNA sample collection kit: Health, Pharmacogenetics, Nutrigenetics, Sports, Skin Care, Personality and Ancestry. 
  4. Technology: We exclusively use machines and chips from Illumina, the most prestigious sequencing company in the market, to guarantee the highest quality. 
  5. Extreme privacy: We prioritize your privacy, going beyond what is required by European laws, keeping your test sample and report anonymous at all times.
  6. Protection of your data: Unlike other companies, 24Genetics does not sell your genetic data, prioritizing your privacy and confidentiality. 

Written by Manuel de la Mata


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