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DNA Health Report with RAW DATA


The best care for your health is prevention

Your DNA has a lot to say about your predisposition to develop certain diseases. Of course, many other factors can play a role, but having the information about what your genes indicate allows you to pay attention to certain areas as a priority. Early diagnosis increases the chances of successful treatment of many diseases by a factor of 5-10 times. Take care of yourself by knowing yourself in depth.


* The final report will depend on the data included in the RAW DATA file of the other company.

Important note! Remember that, to order this product, you MUST have the RAW DATA file from the sequencing of another company. You can attach it at this moment or send it later to info@24genetics.com.

You can also send your RAW DATA file at a later date to info@24genetics.com

Personalised medicine

Predisposition to the effectiveness of medicines helps your doctors to choose the right treatments for you. Pharmacogenetics means personalized medicine. This report is the first step in a new era in which we will all be treated individually, taking into account our genetics and, therefore, our specific needs.

Check out our sample reports.

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