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DNA Talent and Personality Report with RAW DATA


The genetics of your personality

Our genetic personality test analyses more than 700,000 genetic variants to generate a report that gives you information about your predispositions in various aspects such as creativity, impulsivity or a tendency to addiction to certain substances. It is not only your experiences, your education and other environmental factors that shape your personality; your DNA also influences certain traits of your personality or your talent. Find out about them now.


* The final report will depend on the data included in the other company’s RAW DATA file. Delivery time is approximately one week.

Important note! Remember that, to order this product, you MUST have the RAW DATA file from the sequencing of another company. You can attach it at this moment or send it later to info@24genetics.com.

You can also send your RAW DATA file at a later date to info@24genetics.com

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