Genetics is Simple: our DNA Test is the proof


No matter in what country you live, we'll send you our kit to your home and we'll take care of all. As simple as rubbing a cotton swab in your mouth. DNA has remained hidden from our eyes for millions of years; now we can put it in your hands to help to taking some of the most important decisions that will improve your life. Our reports are easy to understand for anyone, while deep enough for any healthcare professional which you want to share with.

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These are some of our DNA Test


Test ADN Salud

Health and Wellness

The 24Genetics Health DNA Test can make a difference in your health Our genetic information is vital to make some of the most important decisions of our lives ...

Prueba Genética


What is Nutrigenetics? Surely many times we have seen that we do not have the same reaction to food. We see, for example, while some lose weight when we eat the same food we ...


Skin Care

In this Genetic Test for Skin Care we analyze how your genetics influences skin properties such as hydration, elasticity and antioxidant capacity, which ...

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To reach the highest level in the sports world trainning hard it is not enough, you have to train smart. Knowing oneself is the best starting point and these genetic tests are the key ...



Ancestry DNA Test

Do you want to know where you come from? 24Genetics is the only ancestry test in the world with more than 400+ Geographical locations  (more than double than the rest). Our Ancestry DNA Test will show from which continent you come from, which countries and even from which region within each country....

DNA Internationa


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