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24Genetics considers the essential aspect of our activity is the quality of the service we offer to our clients, which, about the tests, is based on the way we collect the samples, their sequencing and the "intelligence" used in the interpretation of the genetic material once sequenced.

Sample collection

About the collection of samples, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the manipulation of the genetic material is done correctly from the beginning, to avoid having to repeat the shipment and collection of samples. To this end, clients can find at https://24genetics.co.uk/dna-test-shop detailed videos about the steps they have to follow to collect and treat their genetic material correctly. Besides, we also offer different alternatives for sending or receiving the samples.

Sample sequencing 

As far as genetic sequencing is concerned, at 24Genetics, we carry out all tests with Illumina, the company responsible for generating more than 90% of the genetic sequencing data worldwide. Illumina systematically recognized as one of the most reliable and innovative companies in the area of biotechnology. It has the most advanced systems for analyzing genetic material on the market. The tests we perform at 24Genetics map, using Illumina's technology, up to 700,000 DNA markers.

Interpretation of the sequenced DNA data

Lastly, the interpretation of the genetic sequencing, based on the information included in the most advanced and updated scientific databases from all over the world, in which there are studies on the implications that specific mutations have on nutrition, skincare, sports performance, pharmacogenetics or health. Besides, regarding our ancestor test, 24Genetics is the only DNA analysis that includes more than 1,500 geographical regions. At 24Genetics, we also care about the correct understanding of the reports and offer our clients advice for their proper interpretation.

24Genetics and genetic test quality

At 24Genetics, we believe that the quality of our tests depends on every detail of the process, from sample collection to reports easy to understand. Only by providing adequate and accurate information, we will fulfil our purpose as a company: to help our clients take advantage of the knowledge of their genetics to make the best decisions in managing their health and well-being.

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