Five reasons to have your genetic map

With each passing day, there's one more reason for everyone to make their genetic map. When decoded the first genome in 2003, the scientific community is discovering handy data in our genes. We can already prevent hundreds of diseases today, and there is not a week that we don't have a discovery. Today these are the

Five reasons to have your genetic map:

1- You will be able to prevent many diseases: you will know in advance which diseases you are predisposed to have, and you will be able to act accordingly.

2- You will be able to prevent your descendants from inheriting certain genetic diseases: there are hereditary genetic diseases that we are carriers of and suffer from; these diseases can develop in your descendants. If we know about them, we can act to prevent it.

3- You will be able to identify your genetic predisposition to certain drugs: with this information, your clinical service will be able to prescribe you the medicines that are most likely to make you feel well and be more productive.

4- Your genetic traits will help you to know yourself better: is your musculature better for sprint or endurance sports? Do you have a genetic predisposition to obesity or to feeling bad about certain foods? Where do your freckles, hair color, height, came from? You will be able to know where our anthropological roots come from and see where our ancestors, for hundreds and even thousands of years, have originated. Much of who we are is in our DNA, and we can show you where.

5- Because it's simple, it only takes a little bit of saliva and less than you think?: order it on our website, we send a kit to your home where you make the saliva samples yourself with straightforward instructions. The courier service will pick it up when it is ready, and in a few weeks, you will have your results.


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