Many people are going through very rough times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, on the positive side, we are seeing more and more signs of empathy from people that want to help.  In this sense, we want to share with you what the situation is at 24Genetics and what measures we are taking:

At 24Genetics we are 100% operational, and we continue to deliver kits to over 95 countries.

Our international logistics, including the reception of the samples, the DNA sequencing, and our entire interpretation and reporting system, remain fully functional. We are following the official guidelines while guaranteeing a regular service.

How is 24Genetics helping during this COVID-19 pandemic? We are providing a  complimentary (free of charge) pharmacogenetics test to every one of our customers (*).

Treatment for many pathologies can improve substantially by understanding our genetic material. As part of personalized medicine, pharmacogenetics helps doctors to choose the best treatments according to our DNA. At 24Genetics, we have decided to offer our Pharmacogenetics Report to all our customers at zero cost(*). If this gesture means that some can spend a shorter time in a hospital and treated more quickly and effectively, it will have been worthwhile.

If you are a customer of 24Genetics and have already used our DNA kit, you may order your free pharmacogenetics report here:

For customers who already have our pharmacogenetics report: we are working on a new free update that includes a longer list of drugs analyzed, which will be available for you at zero cost.

 (*) Free for all 24Genetics customers who have used our DNA kit with sufficient reading quality. Not valid for customers with Raw Data from other companies. Not available in the USA.

New COVID19 research line.

We have opened a new line of research, where our R&D team is assessing and testing new ways to contribute to the fight against Covid19. The research includes a pharmacogenetic analysis of drugs, possible treatments, and the study of genetic predispositions associated with the disease. 

What safety measures are we are implementing against COVID19?

For the past few weeks, we have promoted remote work from home amongst the professionals at 24Genetics, a practice that was already part of our business culture and which is allowing us to maintain our activity with complete normality. Our team is made up of professionals who live and work in 6 different countries, so working from home is a natural part of 24Genetics.

We have implemented new handling and disinfection protocols to protect the safety of our employees and collaborators.

We have implemented a 14-day quarantine system for incoming samples from all over the world. This quarantine may cause some delay in reporting times, but it ensures that we close possible ways for the virus to spread.

We replenished our international stocks several weeks before the virus spread, ensuring that we can safely deliver our DNA kits anywhere in the world, avoiding supply interruptions.


I want to thank all the employees and partners of 24Genetics for their courage from the very first minute. From the R&D department to the last delivery person who has made it possible that we continue to offer and deliver to our customers what we do best: helping people leverage their knowledge of their genetics to make the best decisions in managing their health and well-being.

We also want to thank our customers for trusting and supporting us and lending a hand in the fight to this pandemic.

Thanks to the entire scientific community, because we know that the solution will come from the hands of those researchers, who in many cases with very few resources, get up every morning to fight tirelessly with the only illusion of making this world a better place.

At 24Genetics, we want to express our confidence in science too, on the one hand, defeat the coronavirus (COVID-19) and, on the other, improve the control of our health. The 24Genetics Pharmacogenetics complimentary report is our small contribution to the latter purpose.

I trust that we can all go back to normal in the shortest possible time and that we do so in perfect health.

Best regards,

Nacho Esteban

CEO and Founder of 24Genetics

Nacho Esteban 24Genetics Founder


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