Pharmacogenomics Plus DNA Test

Test de farmacogenética
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(This test is not available in the USA) 


Your Genetic Predisposition
to More than 40 Drugs.


pharmagenomics report

Our Pharmacological DNA test tells our genetic predisposition to certain drugs. It is proven that not all medicines have the same effects on all people, which happens for countless reasons, one of the key ones being a genetic predisposition. Based on 700.000 DNA Markers this test is one of the most complete on the market.


Personalised Medicine


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Drug predisposition helps your doctors choose the right treatments for you. Pharmacogenomics means personalised medicine. This report is the first step in a new era in which we all will be treated individually, taking into account our genetics and, thus, our specific needs.


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Simple Genetics

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5- Get your PDF Report by email in a few weeks.

Raw data available for free upon request.

 pharmacogenomics reportReports available in English, German, French, Italiano, Polish and Spanish


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 This report is not valid for clinical or diagnostic use 

 The genetic information provided by 24genetics is valid only for research, information and educational uses. In no case is it valid for clinical or diagnostic use. To be able to enjoy the services of this test it is necessary to accept and sign the 24Genetics informed consent form.


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