Whole Exome Sequencing

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The Exome is the part of the genome formed by the exons and comprises about 20,000 genes. The exome contains 85% of the relevant genetic information. In other words, approximately 85% of the useful discoveries of science are based on genetic information from the exome.

Through Exome we will be able to study most genetic diseases.

Exome sequencing is done only once and there will never be a need to repeat it since the Exome is always the same during our lifetime.

We perform the whole-exome sequencing on the Illumina NGS platform with Roche Chips and 70X coverage.

 The Exome Sequencing service includes:

  • 24Genetics Health Report
  • Pharmacogenetics Report
  • Nutrigenetics Report
  • Sports Report
  • Skin Care Report
  • Personality and Talent Report
  • Ancestor Report
  • A Telephone Genetic Counseling Consultation
  • Raw data files for cloud download (+/- 4GB)
  • A Genetic Report about the area you indicate to us (gene or pathology)



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