Pharmacogenomics: Personalized medicine

Pharmacogenetics, or Pharmacogenomics, studies our predisposition to drugs. Thanks to this DNA analysis, we can determine whether one is predisposed to a drug that might be toxic to us or is simply ineffective, and much more. We have always observed how some drugs have the desired effect on some people, but not on others. There may be many causes that explain these differences, and pharmacogenetics is undoubtedly one of the most important factors.

Our DNA analysis of pharmacogenetics analyses a list of medicines from our genetic map. We operate based on recognized scientific studies widely accepted by the scientific community, to which we apply your genetic data. Checking your genetic data against these studies, our algorithms show us your predisposition to these drugs.

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There is more and more talk today about personalized medicine or precision medicine. Pharmacogenetics is the first step towards individualized medicine, no longer prescribed in a fit-all traditional way. Thanks to the test prescription of the wrong drugs should no longer happen because, with the patient’s genetic data available, we know which are not the most appropriate for us.

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In this new era of personalized medicine, each person has prescribed drugs based on his profile, because no two people are the same, and different drugs have different effects on each person. Thanks to DNA analysis of pharmacogenomics, we can confirm your predisposition to several medications, so that doctors can avoid those that we know it is very likely will produce toxicity, or will not have the desired effect. Thus, doctors will be able to choose the drugs that best suit their patients and calculate doses in a much smarter way.


Personalized medicine is, at the same time, a fundamental element for reducing costs (and time) for healthcare systems, because the "let's try this medication, and if it does not work we'll change it" is unnecessarily risky and should be avoided, given the genetic information available.

There are medications with which, once prescribed, it takes months to evaluate whether they have the desired effect or not. In many cases, for the same pathology, there are different pharmacological alternatives, and your doctor, having your pharmacological report, will be more likely to get it right.

Our pharmacogenetic report consists of five specialized medical fields: Cardiology, Neurology, Pain, Oncology, and others.


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These are some of the drugs that we analyze for:


Area Drug
Cardiology Phenprocoumon
Cardiology Hydrochlorothiazide
Cardiology Pravastatin
Cardiology Warfarin
Neurology Amisulpride
Neurology Amitriptyline
Neurology Antidepressants
Neurology Aripiprazole
Neurology Bupropion
Neurology Carbamazepine
Neurology Citalopram
Neurology Clomipramine
Neurology Clozapine
Neurology Escitalopram
Neurology Haloperidol
Neurology Olanzapine
Neurology Paliperidone
Neurology Quetiapine
Neurology Risperidone
Neurology Ziprasidone
Pain Alfentanil 
Pain Aspirin
Pain Buprenorphine 
Pain Fentanyl
Pain Meperidine
Pain Morphine
Pain Naltrexone
Pain Pentazocine
Pain Tramadol
Oncology Cisplatin
Oncology Fluorouracil, capecitabine, pyrimidine analogues, tegafur, and Neoplasms
Oncology Irinotecan
Oncology Mercaptopurine
Oncology Methotrexate
Oncology Tamoxifen
Oncology Vincristine
Other Peginterferon Alpha-2b
Other Ribavirin 
Other Tacrolimus
Other Viagra (Sildenafil)

This report is not valid for clinical or diagnostic use.


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(Pharmacogenomics Plus not available in the USA)


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