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23 chromosomes + 1 mitochondria provide key information to manage your wellness

This 23 + 1 is 24genetics.com  

There are many benefits that your genetic map offers you to prevent diseases, eat better, and even train more effectively. At 24genetics.com we want to get the word out and make it available to everyone. At 24Genetics we have managed to bring together the very best talent to lead our professional genetics team, to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of many people.

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Nacho Esteban Miñano

Degree in Economics and Business Administration

Complutense University of Madrid

After a lengthy career at IBM, he worked at some of the major technology companies and is currently focused on start-up development in the Biotechnology sector.

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Luciano Cerrato Crespán

Medical Doctor. Specialised in Oncology.

Autónoma University of Madrid 

A breast cancer specialist, he combines his job in the public sector with service at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, as well as at his private oncological medical practice, collaborating with other prestigious entities, with a special focus on the area of cancer prevention and early diagnosis.

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Belén Canet Lorente

Degree in Biology. Master in Advanced Genetics and Doctorate in Medicine.

Autónoma University of Barcelona

With extensive experience in genetic research, Dr. Canet has focused her publications in the field of Oncology and Genetics and has carried out projects based on natural medicine combined with Nutrigenetics.

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Vicente Barrio Franqueza

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & MBA

Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA

With extensive experience in companies such as IBM or Lenovo, Vicente has focused his development on the complex operational structures on which biotechnology companies are based.



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