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Exome sequencing

The Exome is the part of the genome that corresponds to 1.5% of the human genome (40 million markers), and where 85% of the relevant scientific findings are made.

Through the Exome, we can study the vast majority of genetic diseases. Exome sequencing is performed only once in a lifetime, as it does not change. With this test, you can get any of the reports that we are offering, but your data will be ready for future reports based on new scientific discoveries. By having your computerised exome sequencing data, we can later carry out the in-depth studies you may need without having to take new samples, and without you having to pay for sequencing we have already carried out.

Whole Exome sequencing may also a good option when you want to see something very specific that we cannot find in the 24Genetics Panel.

The Exome Sequencing service includes our all-in-one pack:

  • 24Genetics Health Report
  • Nutrigenetics report
  • Skin Care report
  • Sport report
  • Pharmacogenomics Plus
  • Talent and personality report
  • Ancestry report
  • Raw data download (+/- 4 GB)


  • Personal Genetic Report* on the area you indicate (gene or disease)

* This Personal Genetic Report will be produced by our team of geneticists based on the specific Gene or Disease chosen. In many cases, the Exome test is carried out when we cannot observe the Gene or area that the customer asks us to study in the more economical 24Genetics DNA Test. If the area to analyse is not in the Exome, the customer can request complete Genome Sequencing, which contains 100% of his genetic information.

These are our Genetic Maps:

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