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DNA and Genetics test, most common questions and answers

About the shipping and collection process


How long will it take to receive my reports?

You will receive an email with your reports within 3 to 6 weeks from the moment we receive your sample at our offices.


When will I receive my test kit?

We will send your kit to the address you provided in your request. We will do this within 24-72 hours from the date of purchase.


I have already done my test. How do I send you the kit?

To return the kit, register it here and select one of these two options:

  • Postal mailing. If you have a stamped, self-addressed shipping envelope for 24Genetics in the kit box, drop it in any post office box.
  • Schedule a pick-up. If your kit does not have a stamped envelope, choose to schedule a pick-up, and we will send you instructions for sample pick-up.


Can I send my kit from an address other than the address where I received it?

The answer is yes. Just specify the pick-up address when you register your kit here.

If you are sending from Spain, you will only have to drop the sample and the copy of the signed form in any post box. Do this inside the self-addressed envelope stamped with the 24Genetics address that you will find in your kit.


Can I buy a DNA kit as a gift and send it to any address?

Yes, specify the address where you want the kit to be delivered. Please, keep the order number that you will receive in the confirmation email. You will need it to ask any questions about your order.


Do you ship the kit to any country?

Yes, you can order from anywhere in the world. Just be sure to write the complete shipping address. Then, if customs clearance is required, all we will need is your ID number to generate the necessary documentation.


What information do I have to provide to take the test?

You only have to provide the necessary data for the shipment and, if necessary, the collection of the kit. These are name and surname, telephone and address.


Do I have to go to your offices or a specific location for testing?

No. We deliver the kits to your home, and you can do the test at home in an effortless way. You can see here detailed instructions on how to use the kit.


Do I have to keep the sample in special conditions before sending it back?

The tube with the sample contains a stabilizing liquid capable of preserving the sample for 3 months. However, to avoid using up this period, we recommend that you collect the sample when you have decided when you will send it back.


Can I request a refund if I bought the kit by mistake?

You can return the kit, and we will refund the total amount minus the shipping cost and the cost of the kit delivered. However, you must request a refund before sequencing the sample. We will make the refund in the original payment method within 21 working days after confirmation from our customer service team. In case the sequencing of your DNA has started, no refund is possible. In this case, of course, the contracted reports will be delivered to you.


How can I request a return?

To process your return, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team via e-mail at info@24genetics.com.



About payment methods and costs


What payment methods can I use?

In the European Union, you can pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. In the rest of the world, you can pay by credit card and Paypal.


Can I pay in installments?

Depending on the geographic area, we offer interest-free deferred payments through Paypal.


In what currency is payment made?

Payment is made in Euros, except in Mexico, where it’s  made in Mexican pesos; USA and Canada, where it’s made in US dollars; and in the United Kingdom, where payment is in pounds.


What is the cost of shipping?

The delivery of the kit to your address is always free of charge. Delivery times are between 24 and 72 hours, depending on the area of the world where you are.

Regarding the return of the sample to 24Genetics, there are two possible cases:

– If the order amount is equal to or greater than 249€, the shipment of the sample back to 24Genetics is also free of charge.

– If the order amount is less than 249€, the cost depends on the area of the world from which you send the sample to 24Genetics:

    • From the United States and Spain (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla): you can send it for free through your country’s postal service.
    • From the European Union, United Kingdom, Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla: We send a courier to pick it up for 29€.
    • From Mexico: We send a courier to pick it up for 19€.
    • From the rest of the world: We send a courier to pick it up for 49€.

You can also make the shipment through the means of your choice, with the costs at your expense.

In any case, we inform you that you will always see your specific shipping options, depending on the area where you are, before checking out. And when you have registered your order on our website, you will receive an email with specific instructions to manage the shipment of your sample to 24Genetics.


About our genetic tests


Do you perform paternity tests?

No. At 24Genetics, we do not perform this kind of test.


Do your reports serve to diagnose diseases?

Our reports are preventive because they take into account only a part of the genetic information (about 700,000 genetic markers out of a total of 3.2 billion). If you wish to confirm or rule out a specific disease, you should contact a clinical laboratory.


Do you perform Exome and Genome sequencing?

Yes, if you are interested in these options, please get in touch with our customer service team (info@24genetics.com) so that they can inform you.


Can I choose the 2 reports I prefer in the Ancestry Pack + 2 reports?

Yes, you have to choose which 2 reports you would like to receive, in addition to the Ancestry report, when you place your order. The 3 reports will be as complete as if you bought them individually.


What does the All in One Pack include?

The All in One Pack is our most complete pack, as it includes our 7 comprehensive reports. Ancestry, Health, Skin Care, Talent and Personality, Sports, Nutrigenetics and Pharmacogenetics.

You will also be able to have the raw data file of your sequencing and a free 10-minute telephone consultation so that you can clarify all the doubts that may have arisen when reading your reports.


Can the genetic test be performed on a minor?

Yes, we can test minors. The only requirement is to receive the required documentation for this case (identification document of the minor, family proof or equivalent) in our mail info@24genetics.com.


Can the test be performed on a baby from 0-3 years old?

Yes, in this case, we would need you to indicate it in the order’s comments to prepare a special kit that facilitates the collection of the sample. In addition, we would need to receive the required documentation (child’s identification document, family proof or equivalent) in our e-mail info@24genetics.com.


Can the genetic test be performed on an older person?

Yes, in this case, we would need you to indicate it in the order’s comments to prepare a special kit to facilitate the collection of the sample.


Are there any contraindications for pregnant women?

No. The reports will not vary.


I have a cold. Can I take the test, or could it affect my genetic results?

There is no problem with taking the test. Infectious processes do not affect the results since this genetic test does not target viruses or bacteria.


Will the ancestry report help me find my relatives?

At 24Genetics, we do not offer this information as such. But with any of your reports, you have the option to receive the raw data file of your sequencing (Raw Data), which you can upload to other platforms that do offer this service.


I bought my report from another company (Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andme, DNAFit…) Can I get the 24Genetics reports with my Raw Data?

Yes, you can buy them here. The number of traits you will get in our reports will depend on the data contained in your Raw Data file, as each company may include different information.


About genetics


What can I learn from a genetic test?

You will get valuable information, such as your tendency or propensity to suffer from specific pathologies, what diet is most likely to work for you, or what vitamins your genes say your skin needs. Knowing more and better about your body helps you take care of your health and well-being more efficiently. Of course, many other external and environmental factors or habits influence how your body functions or whether or not you will ultimately suffer from a pathology. In any case, our tests are preventive and not diagnostic. If you want a diagnostic test, you should go to a clinical laboratory.


What do you extract from saliva?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We extract DNA from the accumulated cells that come from the tissues that line the inside of your mouth. The extraction of genetic information from the DNA sample is called sequencing.


Is it possible to disagree with my genetic results?

By definition, the information your cells give us is unique and indisputable. However, genetics is not everything when it comes to your organism. Environmental factors also play an important role depending on what trait we are analyzing. For example, your genes may say you have a high risk of acne, yet you have never had acne. The predisposition to suffer from acne, in this case, is conditioned by other factors such as the climate, the city where you live, your diet or your skincare routines, among others. Therefore, our health depends on the sum of genetics and the environment.


About other topics


Can I buy any pack and make part of the reports for myself and another for someone else?

No, this is not possible. Each 24Genetics pack includes only one sample collection kit. Therefore, one kit is required for each person who wishes to obtain the reports, regardless of the number of ordered reports. Thus, in each pack, there can only be a single perfectly-identified sample.


What is Raw Data?

Raw Data is commonly used to refer to the data file obtained after sequencing your DNA sample. That is, it is the genetic information that we have obtained from your sample without having submitted it to the exclusive algorithms developed by 24Genetics, which produce reports that are understandable to anyone. At 24Genetics, we offer you this data so that, if you wish, you can request specific reports or analyses from other companies, laboratories or geneticists.


Can I have my Raw Data?

Of course, you can. Just ask our customer service team (info@24genetics.com), and we will send you your Raw Data at no additional cost.


What process does my Raw Data undergo when I request you to send it to me?

We subject the Raw Data file of each client to a strict quality and filtering process before being sent. Remember that this file contains very private personal information. Therefore, it is essential to keep it in a safe place. If you open the file, you will see that it is composed of different columns:

    • #Rsid: this is the number that defines a human variation.
    • Chr: means chromosome and includes the different chromosomes of your DNA, both somatic and sexual.
    • Position: is the specific place that each genetic marker occupies in the DNA (GRCh37).
    • Genotype/Ind: refers to the genotypes of your DNA (A, C, T, G), as well as insertions and deletions (I, D)

This data may be complex for you, but a geneticist will know how to conclude from this information.


Do you have a portal or app where I can access my reports?

For the security of your data, we do not have your information online. However, we remind you that you become a code to guarantee your cybersecurity and anonymity once we receive your sample. At 24Genetics, we look after your privacy, and we do not sell your data to third parties, something that is a common practice in other companies in the sector.


What are your reports based on?

Each of the traits published in our reports is based on scientific publications validated and analyzed by a large multidisciplinary team. We verify each parameter one by one to guarantee the best possible scientific support.


Where are your laboratories located?

Our laboratories are located in the European Union.


Can I request that you delete my data from your systems?

Any customer can request the deletion of their genetic data at any time. We will resolve your request within a maximum of two weeks. If at any time you would like to request the deletion of your data, please remember to keep your reports and ask for your Raw Data file, as we will no longer have them available and will not be able to send them to you again.


Do you carry out investigations with my datas?

The research, which can be performed internally and in collaboration with research platforms, is always carried out anonymously and with the clients’ explicit consent.


Do you perform genetic counselling?

Yes, for each of the reports purchased, we offer a free 10-minute telephone consultation with a 24Genetics geneticist, in which you will be able to clarify any doubts that may have arisen when you receive your reports. (Only for Spain and Latin America)

In addition, all customers who order our health report are contacted after purchase, before sequencing and analysis of their data, to explain all the characteristics of the test, as well as to resolve any doubts that may arise during the process. We want you to know in-depth what you are buying and make sure it will meet your expectations. (Only for Spain)


Any other questions? Contact us

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