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Ancestría histórica

Historical ancestry

Genetic heritage is a book that tells stories that transcend generations, and thanks to the progress of science, we now have the key to read those hidden pages. With our cutting-edge historical ancestry test, you are not only discovering the provenance of your lineage, but also embarking on a temporal journey that crosses eras, civilizations and landscapes that witnessed the passing of your ancestors.

This expedition into the past is no trivial matter; it requires the conjunction of technology, science and a passion for unraveling the mysteries of human DNA. When you send your sample for analysis, we treat it with the respect and seriousness it deserves. We compare it to our databank, which is not simply a set of genetic sequences, but rather a historical library of life, love, struggle and survival.

The methodology we employ is the result of years of research and development. The use of radiocarbon technology is crucial in this process. By accurately dating archaeological remains, we ensure that the information we provide you with is not only detailed, but reliable and truthful. The past can be elusive, but with the right tools, we bring it into the present so you can understand and appreciate it.

The result is a report that not only gives you facts, but takes you by the hand through time. By pinpointing the three ancestral cultures with which you have the greatest genetic affinity, we give you a map that traces the routes and connections your ancestors may have traveled. Each of these links is a window to ancient worlds, to flourishing societies, to traditions and lifestyles that are, in some way, part of your history.

We are honored to be the bridge between you and your roots, between the present and the rich tapestry of human history that is encoded in your DNA. We invite you to discover, learn and connect with what has made you, you.

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