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Neanderthal DNA

The Neanderthal DNA Test is a journey into the heart of prehistory, to a time when our direct ancestors walked side by side with another intelligent species: the Neanderthals. Over millennia, these two species interacted at various levels, leaving tangible traces of their coexistence in caves and tools, and invisible but equally significant traces in the very fabric of our genome.

During those crucial years of coexistence, there were not only confrontations and competitions, but also moments of exchange, collaboration and even intimate interaction, leading to genetic interbreeding. Some of us proudly bear these genetic traces, testimonies of a past in which the barriers between species faded before the universality of the human experience.

With the advance of science and genetics, Neanderthal heritage is no longer a mystery hidden in the recesses of our DNA. Since the monumental discovery of the Neanderthal genome in 2010, the scientific community has worked tirelessly to understand and decode this legacy. Each breakthrough, each study, brings us one step closer to understanding the life and culture of Neanderthals, as well as the extent and nature of our relationship with them.

Our Neanderthal DNA test is more than just a genetic reading. It is a mirror of the past, a window into a world where humans and Neanderthals walked side by side. By discovering how much Neanderthal DNA you carry in you, you are not only connecting with your ancestors, but also honoring a species that, though extinct, lives on in many of us. This is your chance to reconnect with a forgotten part of yourself, a part that has survived against all odds over thousands of years.

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