Oral Microbiota Report for 24Genetics clients


Discover what the bacteria in your mouth can tell you

The mouth is by far the part of the body most exposed to pathogens and changes. The 24Genetics oral microbiota report gives you insights into some aspects of your health based on what the bacteria that live in your mouth tell us. Our test is based on the DNA sequencing of several hundred bacteria that live in your mouth and the balance between them. This balance is important, as it can be directly related to poor oral health and, indirectly, to other types of pathologies. Understanding these imbalances and their possible implications is the value of this report.

The results of the Microbiota study reflect the state of the person at the time the saliva sample was taken.


– Note! We can offer you your Oral Microbiota report if your saliva sample was obtained with a tube and funnel (not with a swab) and if it is a maximum of 2 months since the sample was taken.

Where is my sample code?
Your sample code is at the top right of your 24Genetics report.

You can also send your RAW DATA file at a later date to info@24genetics.com

The value of studying the microbiota

Unlike genetics, whose variation over a lifetime is practically nil, the microbiota evolves and changes constantly. Therefore, the results of this report will also differ depending on when it is carried out. This does not detract one iota from its value. In fact, it makes perfect sense to carry out a microbiota test periodically to check the evolution of certain aspects of our health and to confirm the impact of our changes in habits, in the same way that we do blood tests or other diagnostic tests.

In addition, advances in scientific research can change the results over time. New bacteria and correlations with different aspects of health are continually being discovered, which can change the results and conclusions of studies. At 24Genetics we make a great effort to apply new and consolidated scientific findings to our reports.

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