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Pharmacogenetics Plus DNA Report with RAW DATA


Take the first step towards personalized medicine

(This test is not available in the U.S.)

It is a fact that not all drugs work the same for everyone. Many factors can influence this, but genetics has a lot to contribute in this regard. Our pharmacogenetic DNA test tells you the genetic predisposition of your body in terms of the effect of dozens of drugs, classified in various categories: cardiology, neurology, pain, oncology and others. So get to know yourself better and get closer to personalized medicine.

Important note! Remember that, to order this product, you MUST have the RAW DATA file from the sequencing of another company. You can attach it at this moment or send it later to info@24genetics.com.

You can also send your RAW DATA file at a later date to info@24genetics.com

Personalised medicine

Predisposition to the effectiveness of medicines helps your doctors to choose the right treatments for you. Pharmacogenetics means personalized medicine. This report is the first step in a new era in which we will all be treated individually, taking into account our genetics and, therefore, our specific needs.

Check out our example report

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