24Genetics Test de ADN
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Sport Plus Pack: Sport + Nutrigenetics + Pharmacogenetics + Ancestry


Information on Sport, Nutrigenetics and Pharmacogenetics in the same pack.

And our Ancestry test, as a gift.

Special discounts depending on the number of units you buy.

Units Price/unit
1 249,00
2 229,00
3+ 209,00

Check out our sample reports.​


perfil deportivo


como saber mi procedencia



cudado de la piel

What’s included in the package:

  • Saliva collector
  • Latex gloves
  • Instructions
  • Shipping bag
  • Form to register your kit.
KIT ADN para hacer en casa

video how 24genetics p
Easy to buy and easy to take. Watch this video.

Your kit will be complete in four easy steps, and you will only need to register it here

The genetic information provided by 24Genetics is valid only for research, information and educational purposes. In no case is it valid for clinical or diagnostic use.

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