Whole genome

Complete Genome Sequencing:

The genome is the entire set of genes contained in the chromosomes. It comprises all the DNA contained in the nucleus of your cells: approximately 3 billion base pairs of DNA, corresponding to about 24,000 genes.

With Complete Genome Sequencing you have all your genetic information, and you will be able to carry out all the studies that science makes possible. 

If you have something that you need to analyze in-depth, complete genome sequencing is the best starting point. Once the entire genome is sequenced we can store the data on secure servers so that we can reanalyze it in the future in light of new discoveries that science will make. You will be able to carry out specific studies more easily and at a lower cost. The complete sequencing of the genome will give us an almost infinite capacity for analysis: we can analyze what science knows today, and we can also use it in the future, as genetic knowledge advances.

The Complete Genome Sequencing price includes all the of the 24Genetics reports: Health, Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenetics, Sports, Ancestry, Skin Care, Talent and Personality. In addition to this, it also includes a specific study of the genes or disease that the customer requests.

The complete Genome Sequencing service includes:

  • 24Genetics Health Report
  • Nutrigenetics report
  • Skin Care report
  • Sport report
  • Pharmacogenomics Plus
  • Talent and personality report
  • Ancestry report
  • Raw data download (+/- 100 GB)
  • Personal Genetic Report* on the area you indicate (gene or disease)

*This Genetic Personal Report will be produced by our teams of geneticists, focusing on the concrete Gene or Disease that the customer asks us to study. In many cases, complete Genome Sequencing is carried out when neither the 24Genetics DNA Test nor the Whole Exome allows us to observe the Gene or Disease that the customer wants us to study.

These are our Genetic Maps:

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