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Ancestría étnica

Ethnic ancestry

Current ethnic ancestry is a fascinating journey through your contemporary genetic heritage. By studying your DNA, we do not go back in time to ancient civilizations, but rather highlight the present, identifying the current ethnicities with which you share genetic ties. This exploration reflects the diversity and complexity of modern populations that make up your personal and unique history.

With each DNA sample we receive, we undertake a meticulous mission to decipher the intricate web of genetic relationships that link you to current populations around the world. We use a vast and detailed database that we have painstakingly curated over the years, which contains representative genetic profiles of ethnicities from every continent. This database has been built through extensive research and international collaborations, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and representativeness.

The analysis process is fascinating: we break down your genome into specific segments and, one by one, check them against our data repository. We identify which portions of your DNA resonate with specific ethnicities, from indigenous communities in Latin America, to tribal groups in Africa, to communities in the remotest regions of Asia or Europe.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Although we focus on current ethnicities, we understand that behind each ethnic group there are traditions, languages and ways of life that enrich their identity. Therefore, in addition to the genetic aspect, we provide contextual information about those ethnicities, offering you a broader picture that connects you not only with your genetics, but also with the rich cultural diversity of the contemporary world.

In short, we offer you an accurate and up-to-date look at the ethnicities to which you are genetically linked, allowing you to understand and celebrate your unique place in the fabric of human diversity today.

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